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Shopping Bag

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Shopping bags are medium-sized bags, typically around 10–20 litres (2.5–5 gallons) in volume (though much larger versions exist, especially for non-grocery shopping), that are often used by grocery shoppers to carry home their purchases. They can be single-use (disposable), used for other purposes (storage, can liners, etc.) or designed as reusable shopping bags.

Types and typical use of shopping bags vary by country:

In many European Union countries, plastic shopping bags are free and common into the 21st century, but their use is becoming less widespread, partly due to environmental legislation, which has led retailers to charge for single-use plastic shopping bags. Ireland, for example, imposed a dedicated plastic bag tax, thus forcing retailers offering plastic bags to charge for them.
Reusable shopping bags are increasingly used, e.g. in E.U. countries where use of single-use plastic shopping bags is in decline. Reusable bags are often made from jute cloth, also known as burlap in the U.S., but sometimes they are also made from plastic; however these reusable plastic bags are sturdier than single-use plastic shopping bags. In the U.S.

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